Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We had our goodbye dinner in Uganda on Thursday, and we cooked and hung out all day-all of the friends and family were over, and it was just really nice to see that we were more than just host students to them, but that they took us in as their own daughters, just as the way my host family in Rwanda did. I'm sure it was also a combination of nerves, sadness, and exciteness, but also a little bit of food poisoning, because by Friday I couldn't eat anything, and when I did, it came out both ends. Still feeling sick we got on a bus at 7am Saturday morning for five hours to take us back down to Kampala. Once there I pretty much slept all day Saturday and most of Sunday and then met up with some friends to say goodbye. Monday morning comes and at 4:00am we take a taxi to the airport and 5 plane rides later, on Tuesday night, I'm back in Seattle!!!

I thought it would take a lot more re-adjusting and I would experience a lot more culture shock than I am...maybe I'm just too happy to be home to notice, but I've been alright coming back into this culture. Cooking is definately a huge difference though-to use a stove top, four burners at once, and to have a sink right behing me and not having charcoal over my hands and smoke in my face. And it's really been nice going to the bathroom in the middle of the night just walking across the hallway, instead of outside with a flashlight a ways from the house.

All of the different cultures that I have experienced have taught me so much-some parts I love, and some parts not so much-in my culture as well as in Rwanda and Uganda. But what definately made this trip was the people, and the experience after the program ended. I have truly made genuine friendships and relationships with amazing people with beautiful hearts who have opened their homes to me...

I am going to the doctor today to get checked out and make sure I have no weird diseases or bugs in me, so if I am all healthy with nothing exciting to post about, then this is the last post! Until my next journey....

Peace and Love
Kuc ki Mari


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