Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We left Sunday morning to Kigali, and it was possibly the worst car ride of my life! Of course, I forgot to take my motion sickness pills and by the end of the 3 hour drive I was puking my guts out for the rest of the day...

We were picked up by our homestay families that same day...and it has been an interesting experience resulting in a homestay switch. My first family was a older man who I thought was younger but turned out to be 40, and his girlfriend who is either 19 or 21. He owns a bar and his girlfriend works there so the first night they didn't come home until 1:30am...very drunk and barges into my room to try to talk to me. The next day I went to the bar to visit and there were many creepy drunk men so I ended up going home at 8ish and again they didn't return until after I was asleep. Besides them being never being home, there was something weird going on between their relationship...another host mother made a comment to a girl in the group that I should have never been put with that family. So...I talked about this with the director and last night they switched me to another family. A young couple again, just the mother and father, but they were very sweet. I ended up being put with them because one of the boys in our group got very ill and had to fly back to the US, and that was the family he was suppossed to be with. The mother works for a women's empowerment group so I think we will have a lot to talk about. Other than that, I havn't really experienced much of Kigali since we have been in classes and I have been trying to get settled. We will be here until April 10th and then back to Gulu!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Oh my goodness you have such the adventures. I am so glad you were relocated to a better suited family. I am so sorry you inherited my weak stomach for motion. you would have been off with Dad's cast iron gut.. I love reading your blog and lots of people are always asking about your latest adventure. Keep them coming. Talk to you Sunday!
    LOVE YOU!!!
    MOM & Dad