Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Broken Mirrors

So talk about a bit of bad luck. One of the girls from the program who lives with me broke a mirror Saturday, so we all joked about having bad luck...which seemed to come true. On Saturday, Caitlin and I received an e-mail saying that in order to change our flight, Brittish airways was going to charge us an additional 175 for the difference in airfare, aside from the 150 just to change the ticket and 50 for the study abroad travel agency...which we really had to think long and hard how we could save money and stay longer...

Also, we are going to move out of the place we are staying. The landlords brother is drunk all of the time, which worries us a little. And we found out from some local friends who said that they ripped us off when we told them how much we paid...

Aside from that, my research has been frusterating. My advisor wont meet with me-I gave her my paper to start proof reading and giving me suggestions and she hasn't gotten back to me in almost a week. Then this morning I was really sick-on the toilet for 3 hours-then had to drag myself out of bed for an interview, where I walked 45 minutes to get to, for her to tell me she was too busy to meet with me. SO then we went to the resource center where we do out typing for free, and the power is off, and they kick us out..

With the paper due next Friday I'm freaking out a little!!

On the upside, the women I have been working with are so wonderful and nice. They showed me how to do tie & dye and let me dye some fabric. ANother one of the ladies showed me how she did her embroidery. I'm enjoying that part-aside fromt he interviews, its nice to talk with the women. They are all employed by this organization that provides income generating activities to these women.

I'm just really excited for the paper to be turned in...and for the soccer project. A girl I went to high school with is coming to Gulu to help build a soccer team and a soccer field with her boyfriend. What a small world! SO, we are going to meet up and maybe work together. Their blog is

SO, as of now, I think we are getting a flight that leaves the 29th of June from Uganda...if all of the airfare stuff works out.

Peace and Love,


  1. Being a person who believes strongly in superstition, I am not surprised by things that followed that dang broken mirror. So throw out the bad woo-woo's and make room for some good luck! I am so sorry the airlines is charging you so much. I am shocked that the study abroad travel is charging you 50.00 for what is only a phone call. You are pretty resourceful, maybe you can come up with something. Is there an American company there that would be willing to cover your fees in the name of good will? Just a thought. Some Womens Organization? I love how you are able to look through all the ick and come up with the good. Finish the paper and write a book!

  2. Good lord child you have lived so much and learned so much in your time away. I am afraid home will seem boring!!! Caitlins Dad is a joy to chat with and we will work on getting you and Caitlin travel from NY two can travel together. Sure love you. Hope you are feeling better. Talk to you Sunday.
    Love MOM and DAD