Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have finally had a chance to get to a computer and have some time to fully update! I am currently in Gulu, which is in Northern Uganda staying at the Acholi Inn. It took us a long, terrifying, bumpy seven hour drive from Entebbe to Gulu. There is one single road, where two cars side by side can only fit if everyone holds their breath! When an oncoming car drives by, there is literally an inch in between, and everyone is swerving and honking and the people on the side of the road or at boda bodas (motor bikes). One amazing thing about the road was that we crossed the Nile. It is beautifully intense. We also saw some monkeys in the trees. We had our first Acholi lesson this morning, and it is exciting to get done with the orientation and finally get on the the school. We had to split up into group of 2 or 3 today and walk into town by ourselves for 4 hours and try to speak the language and get lunch. Most people ended up speaking English, and laughed at us when we attemped our Acholi. I think it was more out of suprise. Everwhere we go we get called mazunga! which means white person. It's pretty funny. The food here has been pretty good, and I have been able to hold to my vegetarian ways. A lot of starchy foods like rice, noodles, and potatoes, and usually some sort of beans but hardly any vegetables. The weather since we arrived in Gulu has been soo hot, but usually in the early evening it downpours for about a half hour leaving everything flooded. When I say downpour, I mean like nothing I have ever seen before! I love it. I am excited to get out of the hotels and start our actual lessons at Gulu University and moving in with my homestay family. I guess that is all for now, miss everyone from home!

Peace and Love,


  1. Hi Mazunga!! haha Grama and A. Gina here, wow, sounds like what you see in the movies about the driving conditions. I bet you white knuckled it all the way there. Can't believe you crossed the Nile. oh my goodness! Glad to hear you are able to stay on course with your diet so far. Enjoyed your update tremendously, and we are looking forward to the next one. We love you so much!! Hugs to you, til next time.

  2. LOVE YOU!!! MISS YOU!!! Have a blast!!!

  3. Moreme Michelle--
    What a wonderful adventure! I will be following your travels. Can't wait for the next update. Be safe. Be happy : ) !!!
    Truly, Cara

  4. Oh my gosh, well with all of the scary traveling conditions it sounds like you coping well enough. You are going to have such a great time, Im so excited for you! I am stalking you everyday online, just waiting for your next post!