Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We moved in with our homestay families on Sunday. Currently there is my father, James, a sister; Maureen, and a brother; Innocent. The mother has been away visiting family but should be back today or tomorrow. The place is modest. I have a single cement room with a small bed and small desk. I have been very lucky and have an indoor toilet and shower. It is very small and the toilet and shower are open, so you are kind of showering over the toilet. The water is very cold, but refreshing after the sleeping in the heat. The family has been very nice about respecting my non-religious beliefs and not eating meat. I just explained that I have a sensitive stomach and meat upsets it. I feel like a stranger in the house though, since they will not let me help out yet. I am hoping when the mother arrives I will be able to help out more and feel more comfortable.

We started University also. We have been taking Acholi lessons and so far we have had lectures about the cultural identity in Uganda and one conflict resolution/prevention. So far they have been interesting and nice to get back into some sort of academics after being out of school for so long. I have been walking a lot. The walk to school is about 45minutes to an hour. My host dad drove me this morning, and offeref to drive me when he is available. So far I dont mind the walk, it is very peaceful. However, I am still feeling a little iffy about walking alone. It is hard to get used to everyone staring at you and being alone in an unfamiliar place.

Thursday we are going as a group to an IDP camp, so I will try to update this weekend.

Peace and Love,


  1. Meeeeche! So glad to hear from you. Loved your email to your mom! I absolutely will help you make pillow cases with the material you've purchased. Looking forward to it!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. I look forward to your next blog, Love you with all my heart and I couldn't be prouder of my niece. Be safe! Love A.Gina

  2. It was so good to hear your voice this morning! Try to keep the antibiotics in and feel better soon. E-coli is just your luck, did anyone else get it in your group? Love MOM

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