Friday, February 27, 2009


So I am definitely falling into Murphy's Law of what can go wrong will go wrong. My wallet fell out or was stolen out of my purse, which had my drivers license, Ugandan student ID, Credit Card, and some money. Man...I am having some not so great luck!

Monday we went to a place called Baker's Fort, which is a place where Arab slave trading occurred. It was weird, if I didn't know the history of the place, I would have thought it was just a beautiful site outside of Gulu. As we were on our tour, it was still hard to imagine what really happened until we reached this long flat stone area. They explained that this is where people were beheaded because of the slant-the heads would just roll down. You could still see the axe marks in the rock...

Wednesday was my last night with my host family. They really welcomed me and I would love to go back and spend time with them-except for the awkwardness of them trying to baptize me...
I made them burritos because it was only thing "American" that I could think of to cook using Chapatti, beans, avacado and some veggis. It was nice being able to cook and share something with them after all they had done for me.

We drove to Kampala yesterday and on the way we stopped in this place called Luwero triangle. There were many killings and they had a memorial full of skulls and bones. I only briefly looked-but it wa really uncomfortable to see. We got to Kampala last night and the city is so overhwelming and busy. I have been missing how compfortable I felt in Gulu.

I will update more about Kampala soon!

Peace and Love,


  1. Great update! Hopefully now all of the bad luck stuff is done with the month of February! The next 2 and a half months will be wonderful! Talk to you Sunday. Love MOM & DAD

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Another very interesting update. What you are experiencing is amazing. I hope your next host family will be as nice as the first one. Sorry to hear you lost your wallet & ID. Hopefully now you will have better luck in the coming months. I am sharing your blog with friends & they all wish you well & they are as proud of you as we are. Waiting for the next udate soon! Love you lots, Grama

  3. Hi Meeche,
    Well, my goodness, what an update! It's hard to imagine how these people live, and what they have experienced over time. It boggles the mind. Burritos! How cool, I bet they liked them. I look forward to your next update. I miss you very much, and look forward to your next blog. Love you so much. A. Gina