Friday, May 29, 2009

Back in Gulu..once again

The last weekend in Rwanda was really nice. We celebrated Peace's birthday Friday, and then on Saturday she took us to a wedding reception. There was traditional dancing and music-which was amazing and beautiful! It was a nice way to end the weekend. We just had a nice dinner together Sunday, and then on Monday Caitlin and I hopped on a 6am bus back to Kampala, which was up there on one of the top worst rides of my life. I was already feeling sad about leaving and had a stomach ache from probably something I ate, and i just felt sooo nauseous. About halfway through (Luckily I had brought a plastic bag with me, just in case) because I started puking in my seat...and then had to sit there for the rest of ride holding my puke bag! retrospect it was really funny, but at the time, during the 11 hours bus ride, it was not funny. We stayed two nights in Kampala, and am now back in Gulu. We watched the game on Wednesday and it was soo fun! Everyone was pretty upset that Man U lost though! I wasn't really going for either team...

So we are now staying with Caitlin's host family, and they have been very welcoming. It's nice to be back cooking and helping around the house. We walked and pumped water on Thursday and have been helping with dinner every night.

Peace and Love,


  1. So nice to hear you are having a good time. I have enjoyed me e-mails with Peace and Victor and James and his family. Any news on Soccer? We are finally getting nice weather. It's been so busy around the house with the winding down of Eddie's Senior year. Talent show tonight and Eddie is Pedro from Napolian Dynomite, track senior project etc.... Sure Love you and Miss you! Have fun!!! Mom

  2. You have had some of the worst transortaion stories ever, and we all know how michelle LOVES traveling! haha.
    I was watching the Man U game also...only everyone here was obviously VERY upset about the game. it was crazy to watch. very fun!

  3. I am curious about the wedding ceromony. Was it religous? What did the bride/groom wear, details that you will have to reveal when you come home and have your slide presentation.
    Holding a bag of puke for 11 hours is probably some kind of record the Guiness World Book of Records would be interested in, it seems you had some humor in regards to the whole event, good for you.
    We all miss you.