Friday, May 22, 2009


It has been a week since the group has left-and a week on my own with Caitlin in Rwanda. It has been wonderful living with Peace and Victor. I cannot seem to emphasize enough how amazing these people are-and it is people like them that reinforce my faith in the kindness of human beings. Caitlin and I have been walking a lot-usually between 6-8 miles a day, but we were really bold and walked 14 or so miles on Sunday. We have just been walking around, reading, eating, talking, and spending time with Peace and Victor. It has been the relaxing time that we both really needed after the program. On Wednesday we got up early and took a bus to Lake Kivu in Kibuye. We ended up spending our money on a traditional Rwandan painting instead of going to Burundi. So we ended up going a little cheaper and spending 3 days in this small town-smaller than Cashmere. We found this small little guest house, and just walked around. Everywhere in the town has an amazing view of the lake. Yesterday we decided to go swimmer, despite contradicting responses of how safe the water was. But we found this small bit of sandy beach and decided to join the locals and jump in. It was soo refreshing, and hopefully we dont end up with any weird parasites of bacteria...but honestly, if we do-it was worth it. We got such a deal going ont his little trip-for around $30-I paid for the bus ticket to am from, two nights in my own room with a view of the lake, a clean towel, single bed, two buffet dinners, breakfast, and a guiness and coke at the beach. It's going to sure be hard going out in the US and going on trips, because there is no way you can get all of that for only $30.

We got on a bus this morning, and came back around 4 for Peace's birthday. We had cake and wine, and an amazing dinner. It was nice to be able to celebrate this with Peace. It's really going to be hard leaving and saying goodbye, and not knowing when I will be able to see them again.

We are going to head back to Kampala on Monday, then back up to Gulu on Wednesday in time for the big football game!! Everyone watches the football matches, so it will be so exciting to watch! Although if ManU looses, then I think it will be a rough night, since everyone in Gulu supports them. Either way, I think it will be a fun night. Then we have about 4 weeks left in Gulu, and back to the US. It's weird to start thinking about coming back-by the time I come home I will have been gone for 5 months...

Peace and Love,


  1. I cannot believe that Michelle Baker has been away from home for so long!!! that is crazy!!! and I love it.
    PS we should move to another country because now I am in love with London and I havent even been to Ireland yet...
    I think Ireland will be the winner and Ill tell you all about it and I wanna come back with you!!!
    Im glad that you are going to be doing some football!! there is a match here this weekend too I think Im going to check it out!
    I miss you!!! and we will have to have a little travelers party when we get back and do pictures and stories and everything!!!!
    i cant wait to see your face!!!!!

    love you

  2. Hi Michelle,
    It is so nice to read about your relaxing & fun times now. It has been a long haul & I can't wait to see you & listen to all of your stories. See ya in West Seattle.
    Love you,love you, Grama :^)...

  3. Is there a story behind your friend being named "Peace"? If so I would love to hear it. Wow, I always think it is a big deal when Tim and I do our 3 mile walk around Lincoln Park, you are making us look like weiners. Hattie said your parents stopped by on a long walk they were on yesterday, maybe you are motivating them........maybe Tim and I should be inspired by you too and beef up our route.
    I just met a group of friends that I used to work with, we had dinner together at a new place in Bellevue. The cost of my dinner, $52.00, included 2 glasses of wine, tip........oh and I ordered the "cheap" meal. To think I could have had an entire weekend getaway! Mallory keeps saying that London is off the charts expensive.
    Did ManU win the football game?
    5 months, I can not even imagine how long of a time that is to be gone, I wonder what new things that you will see here in WS that the rest of us did not even notice.............hmmm.
    Hugs and Big Love